High-Quality CMM Inspections in the Port Huron Area

TechNiCam Provides Thorough CMM Inspections To Keep Your Systems Running Smooth

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) are specialized robots that have capabilities of not only inspecting dimensional size, location, and alignment, but recording it as well.

When it comes to machines, it's crucial that they are running as smooth as possible, while also being accurate. At TechNiCam Manufacturing, we know CMM inspections and how to do them properly. We understand that inspections of any kind are a detailed and methodical process, which is why we take a comprehensive approach with our CMM inspection services.

We serve the food packaging, automotive, robotics, heavy equipment, military and machine-tool industries. Our industries love that our components are American made because they know where their products are coming from, and who they are coming from. Our highly-trained machinists, combined with a little creativity and our technology, produce the highest quality parts for your machines.

We Offer The Most Comprehensive CMM Inspections In Port Huron and the Midwest!

Our CMM inspection machines are completely proficient at handling various applications while providing the most accurate results each time. CMM inspection services are generally used to provide various types of measurements such as dimensional, profile and angularity.

The TechNiCam Manufacturing team has a drive for continual learning and knowledge, which is why we stay up to date on the latest technologies. We use only the most recent CMM software and equipment in order to provide high-quality inspections for the automotive, robotics, military and other industries we serve that need precise accuracy.

Plan Of Action

Not all machine shops are able to offer CMM inspections. At TechNiCam Manufacturing, we are constantly upgrading our machines and adding to our training to remain an industry leader in engineering skills, technology and expertise. For any CMM inspection to be successful, a well-defined inspection plan needs to be made. Once established and reviewed, our team gets to work. TechNiCam Manufacturing only uses the highest quality equipment that is calibrated for extremely tight tolerances to ensure accuracy. After the inspection, we record and collect all values. To meet the specific quality assurance needs of our customers, we document these values into an easy to read inspection report.

We Serve Various Industries and Machine Builders

  • Tube Bending
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing & Packaging
  • Aerospace
  • Paper Cups & Products
  • Torque Converter Vane Loaders
  • Assembly Machines (All Types)
  • Metal Removing Machines (All Types)
  • Piston Turning

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