Premium Parts: Custom-Made Cams from a Leading Detroit, MI Manufacturer

American Made, Quality Cams Designed for Your Specifications 

Cams - TechNiCam Manufacturing, Inc. - cam-photoFrom cars to packaging to military equipment, cams play a critical role in countless modern activities. As devices that exchange rotary and linear motion, they are fundamental to the effective use of energy. TechNiCam Manufacturing uses the latest CNC technology to produce cams of the highest quality. Operating in the Metro Detroit MI area, we offer automotive manufacturers and countless other industries the parts they need to succeed.

Buy American Made Cams from a Detroit Manufacturing Facility

As a business based in Livonia, Michigan, TechNiCam Manufacturing understands the unique needs of Detroit’s automotive producers. We tailor our products to these needs, making sure that local factories can obtain the cams necessary to both keep production lines running and produce safe, efficient vehicles. We provide both ground and milled cams, and take the time to understand specifically what you will be using them for and how they can be enhanced to fit your purposes. By meeting with each customer and listening to their concerns, we are able to provide specific solutions to all production challenges.

Experienced with ferrous & nonferrous bar stock, castings, forgings, exotics, and plastics
TechNiCam Manufacturing has been in business since the 1970s, giving us experience producing the full range of cams. In addition to automotive customers, we have also served aerospace, packaging, printing, bottling, and textile companies. This has taught us to be flexible, allowing us to respond to even the most unusual requirements rapidly and effectively.

Specialized Cams Made to Your Exact Specifications

In addition to more than four decades of experience across multiple industries, TechNiCam Manufacturing also sports the most advanced CNC manufacturing devices. Our precise machines allow us to produce cams fitting any custom specification. Simply describe or send over the kind of cam that you need and we can quickly begin producing it at an affordable price.

For more information on cams or to place an order, contact TechNiCam Manufacturing today.